King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Carroll, Jerry Jay. Inhuman Beings. ISBN 0 441 00529 2. © 1998. 249 pages.

The author of Top Dog writes this time about aliens attempting to infiltrate the earth. This story isn't up to the quality of Carroll's earlier work. It lacks the novel idea, a novel plot, and a novel ending. The plot is very similar to many on-the-run stories such as Fahrenheit 451 or Way of the Pilgrim or RUnning Man. For all its lack of invntiveness, the writing has style. There is a strong Big Brother aspect to the story which lends an air of dread to the story. The characters themselves are certainly multi-faceted and I quickly found myself caring what happened to them. Until the end the pacing was wonderful.

Also two other books i read before I finished The Prestige I will review later: Widowmaker Reborn, and Widowmaker Unleashed.

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