King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Broken Flowers

Went to see Broken Flowers with the lovely Debbie today. There's a ton of symbolism in this movie. But most of that I don't get. I'm just not bright enough or educated enough. However, I liked Broken Flowers. Bill Murray has started to play sad-sack older men who have given up on life. Unlike Lost in Translation I think Murray gets it a bit better this time. He's still a bit too straight-armed stiff though. Course, that's always been Bill Murray. Man needs to move his arms. This time, he gets a letter from an old flame telling him he has a child who is coming to look for him. It's unsigned though. He's inclined not to do anything, but at some basic prompting by his next door neighbor Winston, he heads off to visit the possible mothers. There are plenty. Don Johnston, Murray's character, dutifully visits them all. Why he can't ask them right out if they were the one who sent the unsigned note, I don't know. Maybe it would ruin the symbolism that I don't get. Anyway, at each ex, he hints around and tries to find clues to which one had the kid. Some are open. Some are awkward. Some don't want anything to do with him.

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