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King Rat


Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs PS3568.E476345D4 1997. ISBN 0 684 84117-7. 411 pages.

Deja Dead tells the sotry of a forensic anthropologist. I'm not exactly sure the difference between that profession and other forensic disciplines. Set in Montral, Temperence Brennan is the only one who notices a connection between several murders. Inevitably she is drawn in and becomes a target of the killer because she gets too close. Heard this before? The tale is spices up by seemingly authentic details of forensics. I woudln't know; I'm not a forensic anthropologist. Much of the slang, jurisprudence, and plot details seem American rather than Quebecois. Plus, for once, I'd like to read a mystery where the protagonist doesn't run off cowboy-style. Not a bad bubblegum mystery though.

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