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Since I mentioned it as well, I did like Overnight. Kind of like the Metallica documentary, this one was originally commissioned by Troy Duffy's band The Brood just after Troy Duffy got his movie deal with Miramax. The band still didn't have a deal yet. And like Metallica, I don't think it ended up showing the group in the light they really wanted. Though in this case it was more Troy Duffy himself.

The show starts off from the point where Troy Duffy got his movie deal. Prior to that he was a bartender at a low-rent Hollywood bar. Almost from the beginning you can see Troy Duffy being an arrogant prick. Through his attitude, he manages to piss of everyone. The people paying him. His band. And in a telling fit, after the band's managers complain about getting no money when they sign them to a record deal, Duffy tells them they don't deserve anything. Guess who is making the documentary? Yup. The managers. In the end, the fuckwad made them see the money in the documentary that they didn't see from the record deal. Cause they could have made the documentary make Duffy look like a driven mover & shaker. Instead, he appears to be a manic depressive asshole. I think the latter is the truth, but had he been a bit nicer to his friends at least, they could have hidden the mistreatment of everyone else.

Anyway, in the end Troy Duffy blew the little money he made and everyone goes back to day jobs.

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