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Two tardy movies

[Aguirre marquee]A little late, but last Thursday I watched two more movies at Louis' (izador) place with Jeff (vulture23), Jason (LJ?), and two lovely ladies Elana (domestinatrix), and Ivy (vorona). The first movie was Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes, a German film by Werner Herzog. It's the story of an expedition of Spaniards through the Amazon on a quest for El Dorado. Basically, everything goes to shit for them as they are ill-prepared for conquering the mythical El Dorado, and even less ready for the Amazon. Klaus Kinski is the leader of the band, although not officially in charge. He plots and schemes as the #2 man, where he can control the expedition without being a target in charge. The story is interesting, but we know where it is headed. What is most wonderful about the movie is the acting. There is very little dialog, and so the actors must convey the drama through facial expressions, gestures, and timing. These are as subtle as a look. Unlike an American film, Herzog's film does not feel the need to explain everything to its viewers.

[Cat People marquee]The second movie we watched was Cat People, starring Natassja Kinski. This one is set in New Orleans where a young woman is re-united with her long lost brother only to slowly discover her heritage as a member of a race of cat people. She doesn't understand what is happening to her, and although her brother sometimes regrets the curse he endures, he embraces the wanton killing required of him. She does not, and must contend with a growing love with her boss who is attempting to hunt down the wild animal her brother has become. Yep. Pretty schlocky. Still an enjoyable film, for the camp factor. My only objection is to the expository nature where in a dream-like soliloquy our protagonists brother explains everything we need to know about the cat people. They could have just left it unsaid and told that bit through action. Although perhaps the studio wanted to cut the length and so they had to find some way to explain it without the time of finishing the plot.


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