King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Here again. I try for a third time to keep a regular journal. It is Sunday. The day of the Lord. I work Sunday's at Karen's Ice Cream. Karen is a Pentacostalist Christian. You have to be careful around her. I mean with your language. I don't broadcast my beliefs around her, as I don't want to be antagonistic. ANother guy who works at the store is Alex. Alex is the same denomination as Karen. He is very eager to convert. And he's not subtle. Fortunately, I don't with with him odten. Anyway, what makes me comment on this is that Karen asked how I was coming along reading C.S. Lewis. SHe loaned me a book containing his five most well known Christian works. She also asked me if I was reading any of the scriptures that Alex though I should read. She's more subtle in her tactics. I think that she realizes that brute preaching will never convert anyone.

I hope I don't end up working Sat. nights during the academic year. I want some free time. I will only work at Karen's if it is light enough for me to read while I work. I am setting a goal for myself to read at least 100 pages a day. That makes 36,500 page a year. At least.

Right now I am reading The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. At about 150 pages into the story, it is so far interesting. Up to about this point the main character has been Clara and up to this point I have not been interested in what happens to her. But her daughter Blanca is starting to receive attention and her store is more enrapturing. I think this reflects on Allende's values. She does not empathize with Clara, Estaban or any of the other characters she has created so far (major characters). She does empathize with Blanca because Blanca loves a peasant among other things. But it is too soon in the story to tell whether any of this lasts.

And lastly. Apparently Cathy is on vacation in Ohio. She told me that she was planning to come out here next weekend, but I can't get ahold of her to confirm anything. I do hope she returns home soon.


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