King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

King Rat 4: A New Beginning

So I have a somewhat new problem now that I have never really run into before. I am becoming too popular. Or rather, the events I am throwing are. (I realize that their popularity has something to do with me and does reflect on my muppet lovableness, but that is not germaine to the problem at hand.) The problem is, too many people want to come. I've dealt with limits on my time in the past, and am perfectly able to say no, or refuse to over-schedule myself. I sometimes still tend to commit to too much, but I am capable of telling people "I don't have enough time, sorry." But not having the space capacity is something different. With time, there is a possibility that I will be able to schedule time in the future. With space, there may never be enough space.

I've thrown three (3) pie night events. They went from 7 to 13 to 25 people. 25 was about as much as I could stuff into my apartment. And I don't think I could make much more than 6 pies in a night, so we are nearing my capacity at 5.

I've had 2 Do Nothing weekends. The first attracted 6 participants. This one had 10 attendees, although that number was sitting at 13 before 3 people bailed. I hadn't expected so many people to want to go. So I am planning on holding another one in October at the same time as Leavenworth's OktoberFest, because we won't be too far away. I can't have everyone go who wants to go. I want to reserve some space for a couple of people I really like who haven't been able to go so far.

So I am going to be faced with the prospect of telling other people "No, you aren't invited." I've never had to do that before, and I don't know how to do it gracefully. It would be so much easier if it were people I was omitting from the invite list were people I hated or could easily just do without. Hell, they are people I really like!

I am going to have the same problem with pie night unless someone with a house volunteers to host it. I just don't have the space in my abode. In this case, the event has generally been open invite. I don't want to make it "friends-only" as part of the raison d'etre (yeah! I am sure I am using a machete on the French term!) for this event is to meet new people and to establish new acquaintances and friends. I don't want it to develop into my own (very) little CoolKids™ clique.

Anyone know of any good books or whatnot on social etiquette and technique when throwing parties? I need some ideas here.


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