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It can now be revealed. My brother Dan and his wife Brenda are expecting a child. This will be the first kid of that generation in my family. None of my cousins in the Hathaway or Weiss families have kids. A few cousins from my step-father Andy's Bender side of the family have had kids. But I'm not actually related to them. So this will be a first. First great-grandkid for my grandparents. First grandchild for my mom.

The big thing is that I am off the hook. While I'm sure my mom won't stop asking me if I'll be getting married soon and having kids, the full court press will likely cease. Hoo-rah!

I've known for a couple of weeks. But I couldn't say anything because Dan didn't tell mom before they left on vacation. And if I wrote anything here about it, I knew for sure that mama_sloane couldn't keep it a secret from mom. And well, my mom should hear it from Dan and not 3rd hand from someone else by way of an online blog (heh, are there offline ones?). Actually, I do know my mom at least occasionally reads this herself, though to my knowledge she doesn't have an account and she isn't on my friends list. I hadn't been hiding it, but neither was I pushing it on her to read nor was she making a point to tell me she was reading it. I mentioned this to someone, who replied that I need to update my filters. I don't actually see a need. There's really only one thing in here that I think is sensitive mom reading. She may not like the sex content or my politics, but it's not something I feel a need to hide.

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