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Jason came by and installed my lights on Saturday. Four months ago he talked me into buying new lights. I picked them up and they've been sitting for a bit. I now have track lighting in the kitchen, and replaced the fluorescent under the cupboards with a better fluorescent. The dining room was a narrow fixture that lit only the area immediately below it. It now has a regular fixture.

I have new fixtures in the entrance and in my bedroom, but it turned out that Seattle Lighting messed up my order. So Jason put the wrong fixtures in those places. The order was missing one light, which was supposed to go in the entrance. So the entrance has one meant for the bedroom, and the bedroom has the one meant for the walk in closet. And the walk in closet has the old fixture.

Most of the fixtures are actually outdoor lights though. I liked their look better than the indoor ones they had.

He also went to Seattle Lighting today to see what was up with the order for me. Found out instead of the fixture I thought I was getting, they gave me some parts for the lights for a ceiling fan. Not the fan itself. Just some parts for one. Which makes clear that they got it wrong somehow, cause I don't have a fan to put the parts on.

Jason's a good guy. Some hot chick should date him. That is, after I get the hottest chick. He gets second. I'm selfish.

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