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A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest, Gregory A. Plumb

Most of the books I put up here are ones I've read cover to cover. I need to get out of that habit for a couple of categories of books. One is reference books. The other category are books that I just gave up on and stopped reading. This book falls into the former. Essentially, A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest, published by The Mountaineers, lists many of the waterfalls, with a guide to how to find them, how difficult it is to get to them, and how nice they are to view. I've used it as a day hike book essentially. Some folks like to hike to the top of something. Some folks geocache. I like to use a waterfall as a destination. Now, my copy is the 3rd edition. He's got the 4th edition out now as well. And an online version as well. The online version doesn't have detailed instructions on how to get there or how nice these waterfalls are, but the pictures are in color and it does have links to U.S.G.S. topo-maps. Another thing to note about the book is that it doesn't always tell you everything you need to know. For instance, on National Forest land, hikers usually have to purchase a pass to leave on the dashboard of their car. This book didn't note that requirement even though the Forest Service put the requirement in place six years before the book came out.

I should note also the wonderful web site done by Bryan Swan Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. I like it better than the book, actually, but it doesn't have road maps so I don't use it as much. He's also behind a world waterfalls web site and has some great links to other waterfall web sites.

Plumb, Gregory Alan, 1956-
A waterfall lover's guide to the Pacific Northwest: where to find hundreds of spectacular waterfalls in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho / Gregory Alan Plumb.—3rd ed.
285 p.
ISBN 0-89886-593-X (3rd. ed)
ISBN 0-89886-911-0 (4th. ed)
1. Hiking—Northwest, Pacific—Guidebooks.
2. Waterfalls—Northwest, Pacific.
3. Northwest, Pacific—Guidebooks.
GV199.42.N69P58 1998

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