King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Community service day

I refused to sign up for community service day at my employer last year because of the lack of options to help out the poor. Here's a list of this year's options:
  • ACT Theatre See the theatre from the other side of the stage and help clean out the theatrical storage areas.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Kirkland The teen center is in dire need of building and repair and you're just the folks to do it.
  • Northwest Harvest The cool choice: help package and sort food for Puget Sound’s food banks.
  • Pasado’s Safe Haven Come set up the huge garage sale in an 86,000 s.f. plane hanger at Sandpoint Naval Station. Proceeds will benefit abused and neglected animals.
  • Washington Trails Association A perennial Expedia favorite: get dirty digging and scraping hiking trails on Grand Ridge Trail.

Not much change for this year. One out of five options actually helps the poor and truly downtrodden. Frankly, it irritates me that a yuppie company gears most of it's community relations stuff (not just this, ther things as well) toward things that benefit, well, themselves.

These charities are worthy causes. They do good things. But between helping out ACT Theatre and manning soup kitchen line or tutoring kids from the central district, I wouldn't pick the first option if I had to pick between them. And I strongly suspect that few of my fellow employees help out on the latter types of things. Including myself lately.

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