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Dirt, Sean Doolittle

I always seem to enjoy Uglytown books, and Dirt, by Sean Doolittle is no exception. This is a caper novel. The caper is Joel Moss, an undertaker, secretly disrupting one of his own funerals with a hired person in order to get a community group off his back so he can go back to fraudulently reselling burial plots. It spirals out of control from there. I dunno if I like it enough to get the second book by this author (Burn). If it involves the same characters, probably not. (This story shouldn't be the start of a series. It just wouldn't work.)

Doolittle, Sean, 1971-
Dirt / by Sean Doolittle.—1st ed.
ISBN 0-9663473-4-X
1. Undertakers and undertaking—Fiction.
2. Women journalists—Fiction.
3. Terrorism—Fiction.
PS3604.O65 D57 2001

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