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Nothing Doing

This weekend, I and 9 other people went to my grandparent's cabin near Plain Washington for another Do Nothing weekend. Participants this time were Cynthia, Darren, Megan, Tom, Jason, Lori Dyann, Amber, Nathan, and Erin. Three other people who were on the original list bailed in the last couple of days for various reasons. So that pretty much left me and Erin the only non-coupled-up pair there this trip. Turned out to be a nice drama and loud music free weekend.

I made Sloppy Joes. Darren handled most of the grilling. Fritter grilled some fish for herself and also helped me by chopping the veggies for the Joes. Turned out excellent. In addition to the evening food, I also made breakfast this morning. 12 eggs, a pound of bacon, a package of fakin' bacon for the veggies among us, and a half a box of Bisquick pancakes. We also snacked on chips and salsa, peanuts, and I think a few other things that Fritter brought. We drank lots too.

Other than Darren, Jason, and Amber, this was the first time I hung out with anyone else on the trip. Figured out who Nathan is on the crack bored. Also found out he is the one putting on Samsara in Oly, which I think is a cool thing and impressive as hell that he is pulling it off. Tom & Fritter I know mostly through Darren. They are cool as hell, although I knew that because they were at a party Deirdre threw a half-year ago and I got to hear their touring war stories. Lori is a very sweet, soft-spoken girl who Jason has recently made acquaintance of. She also has a playful Cynthia-like (for want of a better adjective) side that seems at odds with the more clean-cut persona that is normally apparent. I've mostly known Cynthia vicariously, through her interactions with people around me. This was the first extended amount of time I've spent around her. She has proposed marriage, although I would have to live with Darren. That might be the deal breaker, as the man snores like a Harley. I also have a nice photo of Cynthia's ass now, but her boobs never came out as she claimed always happened when she got drunk.

The quiet person of the group this time was Erin. I was a little surprised she decided to go, as she doesn't (to my knowledge) have a strong connection to anyone else who was on the trip. Seemed to have a lot on her mind, and this trip was meant to help get our minds off the crap in our daily lives. Anyway, Erin, I hope the trip helped. On the drive up, I found out she has a wicked, twisted sense of humor. And beautiful eyes too. But the point of this entry is not to be leering old guy, as I am sure she gets enough of that already.

I should correct myself a bit. Turns out we actually did something while were up there. This morning, after breakfast most of us wandered down to the river by ones and twos. The water level was a lot lower than last time. Too lazy to actually float the river, instead we splashed around for a few hours. I noticed Nathan throwing more river rocks on the wall that was built to form the pool next to the community center. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Building it higher." "Why?" I asked. "Because I can't just sit here." After a bit, I kicked off my shoes and waded in and started doing the same thing. Soon everyone was doing this. By the end of afternoon, we had combined two smaller pools into one, extended the rack dam out another yard or so to suck in more water, and patched up a bunch of holes in it. We all felt like primitive beaver engineers. God only knows why this activity appealed to us. Stooping into cold river water to lift heavy rocks into a wall is an odd behavior. I suspect it is the same motivation that makes us put Legos together, build forts, dirt roads for Matchbox cars, etc.

Fun weekend. Great company. Hope the rest of you ahd fun at the Mercury's masquerade, or whatever it is that you did.


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