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I don't listen to music too much. Not because I don't like music, however. The radio stations mostly play crap. Listening to a CD (does anyone call them compact discs anymore?) is a pain cause I am not usually in one place long enough to listen to a whole CD. And other times I don't know exactly what it is I want to listen to. I want a mix of various albums. I don't want to listen to an entire album straight from the store.

Also, there aren't a lot of small bands I like, although I prefer small, less polished and more raw bands. Recently, I made the acquaintance of one Deirdre Wehrman (evillinn), who doubles as the self-described "band-girl" or manager for SMP. I never listened to them before, but I've been to three of their shows in the last couple of months, including one tonight. Mostly I really like Jason Bazinet's use of the drums in the music. THe songs got rhythm that just get me moving.

Sadly, I have yet to actually purchase one of their CDs. This situation is one which I suspect will be corrected as soon as Deirdre reads this. I'll be hounded to actually purchase one to support the band.

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