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(19:51:48) My Mom: Took Dad to the Doc on Wed. to find out what he recommends for the pain in his shoulder, arm, and fingers. He showed us the MRI. Dad has a bulging disc that is pinching the nerve and it's pretty bad. He said they sometimes heal themselves, but that since Dad has been bothered by this since February and has had therapy and it hasn't gotten better, he recommended surgery. Dad agreed. So now we're waiting for the surgery date. He said they couldn't do it for at least 2 weeks.

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From: fritter242 Date: June 18th, 2005 03:06 am (UTC) (Link)
My dad had neck problems a few years back; the cartilege had worn away, and the two vertebrae were basically rubbing on his spinal cord; probably would have severed it and paralyzed him, without the surgery he had. We were scared, but it turned out ok.
I dunno if it does any good, but I'll think some good thoughts. :)
gkr From: gkr Date: June 18th, 2005 03:10 am (UTC) (Link)
it's not this surgery that worries me. it's more that the health decline has now officially started.
From: fritter242 Date: June 18th, 2005 10:13 am (UTC) (Link)
If you would like to talk about this, it is a topic that I have issues with on a very regular basis.
I mean it, Phil.
My first clue in my folks' new house was the 'walk-in wheelchair' shower my mother had specifically custom-built- when I asked why, the reason given was that if she had a stroke, it would be the easiest way for her to shower.
Good times.
Mortality; it's what's for breakfast. :/
snatchcookie From: snatchcookie Date: June 18th, 2005 03:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Holy crap! That is a long time to wait. I hope the doc at least gave him some good pain killers!!!
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