King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Missing music

Once upon a time, Real Networks and House of Blues had an interesting partnershp going on where they would webcast concerts live, and later make archives of the concerts available for listening. The archives were free. They had some interesting bands. Originally, this was But eventually House of Blues moved everything over to their site. Then they stopped offering as many concerts. Then archived KCRW interviews went away. And within the last couple of months, all the archived concerts went away.

Which sucks. They had a lot of smaller bands there. And they had an archived concert of Erasure from 1997 that I really loved to listen to when I needed to go into a zone here at work. No more. Perhaps I shall have to purchase a "best of" Erasure album or find a live album from them. That means I shall have to venture into a music store, which I almost never do. And I refuse to give any more money to, and all the other online music sources from which I used to purchase CDs have disappeared.



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