King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Eco 200: movie theaters

(individual) Why do people sometimes disturb others by talking during movies? Do the talkers and those whom they disturb agree about the rights one acquires when purchasing a movie ticket? How could the owners of movie theaters resolve this conflict? Why don't they do so?

Talkers do so because talking is free. There is little cost for doing so. It's much the same as the example of free camping spots at national parks used earlier in the class. Because there is no monetary rationing of camping spots, people use other rationing, like whoever gets there first. Because there is no rationing of the "talking during movies enjoyment" so they will use as much of that resource as they want. Owners of movie theaters could resolve it in a number of ways. MST3K showings (where one can talk as much as one likes). Through staffing the theaters with ushers who escort talkers out. They don't because the marginal cost exceeds the marginal revenue.

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