King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Too many decisions

I dislike buying lattés at most coffee shops. Why? Because you can't just tell them Make me a soy latté. The coffee seller will then ask you more questions than your girlfriend's mother and your next interview combined. Gimme my damned latté and let me out of there.

What gets me started on this rant is that I decided to try selling one of my unwanted books on Ebay. First of all, what kind of fucking name is ebay? Granted, I work for a subsidiary of InterActiveCorp called Expedia, but that only gives me the following insight into such made up names: such names make no fucking sense whatsoever! Anyway, trying to list this on e-fucking-bay was so long and involved that I gave up. It's just a goddamn book! So if you look on ebay now, you will not find a signed copy of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned being sold by me. Because they made it too damned complicated.

In other ranty news, I gave up on finishing The Meq. Wooden and flat does not even begin to describe this book. Corkboard maybe. Pressboard maybe. But it does not rise to the level of plywood even.


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