King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Sunday mornings

So far it's a lovely typical Sunday morning. I wake up sometime around 10 am on the couch, where I fell asleep last night. Showering seems like too much effort. I want some breakfast, but I have no milk for cereal. No bacon or other stuff though. Get up check the email inbox. Message from Kerry, saying she probably wouldn't make it to the Do Nothing weekend. Jason had wanted me to invite her, but I missed getting the email to her. She works Sundays though. Given how friendly I am on Sunday mornings, I don't think it would be a good idea for me to answer phones. She does it though.

[Groundhog Day marquee]Nothing interesting on the crack bored. Flipped on the TV. Nothing on the networks, not even golf. I actually enjoy watching golf on the tube on Sundays. When I watch, I check out channels 4 through 13, then I usualy flip up to 52 and check up to 57. TBS was showing Groundhog Day, so I settled in for that. It's one of my favorite comedies, in spite of the fact that it stars Andie McDowell. She sucks the life out of any character she protrays. But the story is inventive and Bill Murray is one of my favorite comedic actors. I love the second day scene where Phil Connors is delivering the Punxatawney Phil report. Bill Murray plays the confused but playing along Phil to perfection in that scene.

Next is to run across the street and get some milk and something for breakfast. No phone call from my mother yet. Get back, and quickly she calls. All is right with the world. She sounds depressed. This is pretty normal. She's disappointed that I am not going to my cousin Gary's wedding, although she doesn't say anything. I never got an invititation and didn't know when it was. Apparently my cousins had some old addresses. But I have Do Nothing planned now. Hmm, maybe that'll be a topic for an entry tonight. Relatives who I haven't talked to in years yet I am Bad for not participating in the family events surrounding them.

So now TBS has Lethal Weapon on. Dig this movie too. The only really good one of the series, although #2 is watchable at least. #3 and #4 sucked. Just noticed that in the scene where Martin Riggs handcuffs himself to a jumper and then throws the both of them off the building, that the handcuffs are clearly not linking the two of them together at the top of the jump. Bad editing.

Yeah, typical Sunday morning.


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