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King Rat


I got to witness a pretty decent fight tonight. Not evenly matched, but definitely violent. Was actually introduced to the gentleman involved in the pool room earlier in the evening. Getting near time to go, we hear a glass break and then saw someone get tackled. He kept fighting. The bouncers and a couple of other guys carried him outside, where he attempted several more times to fight back. He was very drunk and very unsuccessful.

Turns out he is Brian, the ex of dyann and he used to work at Machinewerks years ago. Lori came out toward the end of the fight, after Brian had stopped taking swings at people. He was pretty bloody by this point, she wanted to calm him down and get him home (they live together) to sleep it off. He wasn't interested though, and ran off screaming "Whore" at her.

Lori wanted to go find him and get him home, and killer_queen___ wanted to go with her. As he had been taking swings at people, mrsloane and I went along with to step in the middle if he started getting violent again. Luckily, he didn't really.

We found him a few blocks away, banging on the door of an apartment building. When he saw us, he ran off after screaming a few choice words. We followed. Eventually, he ran through a yard and fell over. Lori jumped to the ground and embraced him until he calmed down. Talked him down. Eventually, we got him to Jamie's car, then home and in bed, where Lori cleaned him up.

Tomorrow, he is going to be hurting and my guess ashamed at doing something so out of character. He is missing pieces of at least two of his teeth, his jaw hurts, his face is scraped raw from being held down on the asphalt where he continued to struggle, and his ribs may be bruised from where he was kicked.

I feel very sorry for him. Whenever someone goes off his rocker when drinking too much unfortunate things happen. Someone who is obviously not a violent person (cause if he was, he'd have fought much better than he did) can't control himself and ends up hurt. I'm glad I wasn't a violent drunk when I was still drinking.


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