King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Eco 200: good character

(group) A study pointed out that 73 precent of the professions licensed by a populous midwestern state required entrants to have good character. Why? How can good character be determined? Who is best able to determine whether morticians' characters are sufficiently blameless to entitle them to a license.

My group all suggested other morticians are the best positioned to judge good character. I disagreed. The best person to determine if someone has good character is the customer. Other morticians have a vested interested in keeping additional morticians from entering the market.

The only legitimate reason to require good character in my view is to prevent rip-off artists. This could be done by the state (or the BBB) documenting the professional's record (either in other professions or under other names), or by administering a test and publicizing the results. I'm generally not in favor of requiring good character so much as exposing bad character and letting consumers and the market decide.


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