King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New York City

Got in around midnight Friday. Waited for the shuttle. Despite having booked in advance, they had no idea I was coming. Got to the Radisson Lexington, on 48th and Lex, as Amanda kept calling it. SHe met up with us at the hotel, and we went for food at some diner.

Saturday, Jason and I walked 5th Avenue, and the three of us visited the Museum of Modern Art. Very nice. Crowded, but nice. Lotta stuff I didn't like, but they had so much that even with liking less than a third of it, the collection was still impressive. I went back to the hotel and napped. Jason took the subway for one stop just to say he had.

We got all spiffy in black, then went to a fancy restaurant, Pompano's. Mexican seafood. Got some precious looks. Then cabbed to Albion for the show. Hung out with Darren pre-show, then enjoyed the music from up front for backandtotheleft. When Assemblage came on though, I bailed upstairs after 4 songs because there was a dead zone where I was crammed in for Tom's vocals. The club there is nice, but damn if their DJs didn't play the music extra loud. Everyone was dressed far more prettily than our clubs get. I kept thinking meat market but I can't for the life of me figure out how people actually talk to each other there at all. How do you pick someone up when it's that loud? Hand signals? That would be sweet! I wouldn't have to be funny or charming or interesting! Of course, I probably would need to be prettier. Also nice, New York City is non-smoking indoors. So instead of walking out of there smelling like cigarettes, I smelled like sweat! It was quite hot in there, And I danced.

Today, Jason and I walked up to Central Park. Amanda met us there. We hung out for a while. I took pictures of random passersby. Well, not completely random. Anything that struck me as interesting. People carrying dogs. Funny looking bikes. The particularly high-stepping jogger. That one probably won't show how funny-looking he was in still. Noted that there are a lot more Italian-Americans there. Also, a lot of people speaking French.

Flight back sucked somewhat, because we got the last row. THe one where the seats don't lean back at all. Lady in front of me tried to lean hers back and jammed my knees. I yelped and she moved her chair to the upright position. I did manage to get most of my homework done on the flights there and back. Get ready for massive posting!


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