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After almost a year of being single, I have begun to get back into the dating grind. For those reading this, feel free to move along. This will be pretty boring. I like to make a note of my prospects on occasion in my journal, mostly cause I don't like to forget these things.

Flirted with her last Wednesday. Talked with her Sunday. Flirted again yesterday, but she decided to pick another guy last night. C'est la vie. Still gonna go bowling with her on Sunday though, cause I am a slut, but mostly cause...
her friend will also go bowling on Sunday. Spent some time flirting with her yesterday. As opposed to J., we have a few things in common.
Nothing much going on here yet, but I like the girl, and we have a good repoire going on. I should be spending some time with her on Saturday.
Talked with her some at the game on Tuesday. She made a point to tell me she was single, which is not something that I knew, and then tried to flirt. I assumed for the last year that she was married. This was a little unexpected and I am not really sure what to think of this or if I am actually interested.

Sorry for the lack of names folks. Less drama that way. Even though I'm sure some folks will guess who these people are.

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