King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Krush Groove

My freshman year high school crush, KeriAnn Kincaid, just got married. My junior year high school crush, Cathy … argghhhh! mind blanking… got married a couple of years ago.

Edit: Buckley

No word on my 5th grade crush, Kirsten Lie. My sixth grade crush, Joan Stipek, married a guy who is now at Expedia. Not that I remember offhand who it is. I'd have to go see if I made an entry on that. I think I did. He mentioned my name to her and she asked if I used to attend that school. Course, I never told her at the time I liked her. Cause, well, I was slightly more of a chickenshit than I am now.

But only slightly.

I can't remember whether Martha Kalnin was my 7th grade crush or 8th grade. She's married too now. And I can't remember the other junior high crush or my sophomore crush. This is why I was writing down names from the 90s. Not that I was crushing on them. But I need a record.

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