King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

How I know I am over a crush

So I had a crush on a girl who I met at the Mercury and who is on the crack bored. I get crushes on most attractive girls I meet, at least for a little while. If the girl is smarter or can carry a conversation, then I will keep my crush longer. As I think I've said before, I don't make a move when I am in the crush phase. It's bad because my judgment is impaired.

Anyway, I just realized I completely do not have the crush on her anymore, although I am still really attracted. I realized this because I no longer check every time I am on the crack board to see if her name is listed among the people on the bottom who have connected within the last 15 minutes. I don't think I've checked for her name in a couple of months, and I don't recall when I stopped looking for it.


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