King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Eco 200: electricity is the energy of choice

(individual) Electricity, by its nature … will not yield much to conservation, whether inspired by government mandates, price, or ideology. It is the energy form of choice. Do you agree with that assertion? Is electricity the energy form of choice without regard to price? Why do some urban transit systems use diesel buses while others operate electric buses? Why do some people heat their homes with oil or natural gas while others use electric heat?

No. And no, electricity is not the energy form of choice without regard to price. While there may be ideological reasons for using electricity, not everyone holds them. Even then if the price for electricity were to rise incredibly high, the amount demanded would move in the opposite direction as people kept their abodes cooler. Some transit systems use diesel, and some people heat with natural gas or oil because those are cheaper, cause less pollution, have less maintenance costs, or other things. The statement seems patently false.


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