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More ginger ales

  • Health Valley Ginger Ale - This was in the cooler in the organic section at Larry's. It's labeled "Ginger Ale" in a plain style and you have to look at the fine print in order to find out that it's distributed by Health Valley. This one was a nice middle ground between a strong ginger brew that I like and the tame mass marker stuff. I had only a few sips of it. Maria was drinking a glass of my Reed's and she hated it because it was too strong and not sweet enough. But she liked this. Drinkable in my review, but not something for which I'd go out of my way.
  • Trader Joe's Organic Ginger Beer - evillinn wanted me to try this and bought me a bottle when I dilly-ed about picking one up. It comes in a 33 oz bottle. Not quite a forty! I wonder if 33.8 oz works out to be something round in metric. This is a pretty good ginger brew. It's not very sweet, and has a medium strong lingering taste of ginger. There is no sugar aftertaste, but the ginger continues to tingle the back of my throat after each swig. Tasty.
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