King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Free stuff

I can't get my natural keyboard to work with the laptop without my 2→1 device. It's a PS/2 keyboard, and the laptop doesn't have a PS/2 port. I do have a PS/2→USB adaptor, but this fucker says unknown device when I connect up that way. So I am stuck with the keyboard with the broken space bar. Which pisses me off greatly. Cause I really don't want to sit in the bedroom while doing my computer stuff tonight, and I also really want to not worry about spaces. High class problems I have.

Oh yeah, the title. I have the following available free to a good or bad home:

  • Efficient Networks Speedstream DSL Modem. Used when Covad was my DSL provider. Have no idea what kind of networks it works with anymore.
  • GTE Caller ID device.
  • Generic Ethernet card for desktop computer. PCI? Something else? I dunno and I don't wanna look up what the correct term is cause I don't care and I am not a hardware geek.

Must pick up at my place this weekend. Monday these go to the Salvation Army.


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