King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Mark McGwire earned my respect

Mark McGwire may have taken steroids. But he earned a bit of my respect today. Called before Congress he basically told them, It's none of your business. If the government wants to go after steroid users, they should. But do it the American way. Prosecute them. Build the case on evidence and take it to court. This guilty until proven innocent bullshit where they call someone in front of cameras, insinuate that they obviously took steroids, and that they should declare their innocence is not the American way. It's essentially what Joseph McCarthy did.

Essentially, the players testifying are stuck. If they say they took steroids, then they lose. If they say they didn't, few will believe them. McGwire refused to play the game.

It was a good response to grandstanding by Congress. Though sadly my guess is baseball will come out the worse for it because of the pointless grandstanding. There was no good way out. Baseball should have dealt with steroids years ago, and now it will pay the price. And most sadly it tarnishes the game. Of course, M.L.B. survived the Black Sox, and it'll survive this. So I wish they'd all just let me get back to watching the game I love.


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