King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

George Weiss as a child

My father boxing

My dad is the one with the red hair. It's my favorite picture of him. I need to rescan my copy of this cover and post a better image. My aunt scanned in this image.

Also, some folks may have noticed that sometimes when I am introduced, I'll introduce myself as George. If I'm in a mood where I don't really want to deal with social niceties, I do this instead of giving my real name. The reason I use the name George is it is my dad's name.

Also, if sometimes you hear me refer to my dad as Andy, I'm actually referring to my step-father. My dad died in 1972 from testicular cancer. My mom remarried a few years later. It's why me and my brother Dan are Weisses, and Elaine, Matt and Joe are Benders. It's actually all a lot less confusing than trying to decipher some of the divorced/foster home/adoption lineages that I know people have. Mine's only confusing because I don't explain it too often.


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