King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Halfway through paper

I started dealing with the big basket o' paper. I've recycled three quarters of it. The remaining stuff has been sorted into essentially four piles: bills, account statements, misc. (medical, car registration, etc.), and India trip. Most of the bills will get tossed once I ascertain that I no longer need them. I'll need to keep some to have a record for warranty purposes of when I purchased a few big ticket items. Then I get to file all that stuff away.

In the filing department, I'm breaking in drawer number three on my filing cabinet. That's over 50 inches of paperwork going back 20+ years. Most of it's investment related. A few miscellaneous items: my 4th step, a copy of a Rocky Horror script I printed in 1988, an article on the Washingtonians, some comic strips I clipped, a newspaper article on the murder of my landlord next door. Fun stuff.

I feel like I am slowly but surely getting my head back into the life game. I've never really been all that good at the life game. Pay bills late. Get screwed over by tenants. Purchase shit I don't use with good intentions. I have glimpses of what it feels like could be real adulthood. And I feel like I creep ever closer to it. I paused somewhat for a couple of years in the organization department while I worked on socialization. Now, I gotta get my head back in that. Start pushing in the motivation department (that's the class thing).

Why? Because there's a world to rule out there. And fuck-ups don't rule the world. People who get report card comments like I got don't rule the world. At least not if they don't change their ways so they live up to their potential. Frankly, I don't want to end up like a lot of sorry asses I know are gonna end up. I want to get to the finish line and be able to say, fuck yeah I enjoyed my life.


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