King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The Millionaire's Conference

Received a mailing today with two free VIP tickets to attend the Millionaire's Conference on March 18th. Shockingly enough, I won't be attending. These types of things never cease to amaze me. Do the people who go realize there is no such thing as a sure way to get rich quickly or with no work that doesn't involve a lot of risk or fraud. The thing about this conference is one of the speakers peddles a lot of basic advice that won't get you rich quickly. It's not bad advice, but it won't get you rich. All of the ways these guys have to get rich quickly involve scams. Scams such as no money down real estate, which require you to borrow money from one source to cover the down payment on a loan from another source. Except that banks won't loan you the money if you borrowed the down payment. Or tax fraud scams that involve setting up partnerships where you take a paper loss and the partnership takes a paper gain, but you keep the money. The I.R.S. takes a dim view of such investment vehicles.

See, the question I really have about all these people peddling conferences and books and workshops is: why should I pay you when any "secret" methods you could sell that worked would be all over the internet in a heartbeat if they actually worked?


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