King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

April 2002 I.E.E.E. Computer

Googlewhacking. Heard about this before. Note in this issue on the practice. Everyone should give it a try at least once. Enter two words into Google which result in only one (1) page being returned. My first couple of tries: hathaway bhutan — 4550 results. damn. samadhi whale — 936 results (and it doesn't count cause samadhi isn't a google recognized word). Okay, last try for now: salicylate lignin — 740 results. This shit ain't easy.

Speechbot is a search engine for audio. Basically, it uses speech recognition to convert audio streams to text and then indexes that. Unfortunately, it doesn't look at that many sources. I tried it out to see where guests on various programs it does index mentioned Hunter S. Thompson.


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