King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Noise complaint

I got two noise complaints from the neighbors today. Apparently the people in 105 (the apartment right next to mine) complained about loud music late this morning. Of course, I left for work around 8 am, so it couldn't have been me. However, there was someone in my apartment who shall remain nameless. Anyway, the people in 105 are new and need to sleep in late because they work late and get home later in the evening than most folks.

The funny thing though is the second noise complaint, which was an official written complaint to the building manager, describing excessive noise after 11 pm. The complaint is from 209, and whines about noise in the north facing apartment on my floor without window coverings. I have window coverings, so they aren't referring to me. Of course the building manager, Kate, assumed it was me because of the other noise complaint. But the unit without window coverings is....


Yep. So here's my guess, they work late, get home, play their music loud and someone complains about it. Then they go to sleep and get woken up by music, which they complain about.

That my friends... is humor.


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