King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

October 2002 I.E.E.E. Computer

Debug rules to live by, kiped from Bob Colwell:

  • Change one thing at a time.. If you fix the problem, you won't know which thing fixed it.
  • Don't ignore the unexpected.
  • Follow the bug trail. I tell my developers, You get one chance with the shotgun. After that, no more guessing. Follow it systematically.
  • Reduce complex phenomena to simple absolutes. Isolate the problem. Strip out anything that's not affecting the system, and then debug only what's left.
  • Keep accurate lab notes.
  • Debug is an immersion activity. Don't allow distractions. If you are interrupted, you'll likely have to start over.
  • Bugs almost never live alone.
  • Test your test equipment.
  • Know when you're stick, and call in the cavalry. Simply getting another pair of eyes on a problem often removes your blinders. My rule of thumb for developers is, don't spend more than a half hour if you are stuck. And there are those who are good at debugging. Be nice to them, so you can ask for their help later.

Not much else interesting this issue.


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