King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Spices accomplished

I can cross one thing off my list: I have all my spices in nice shiny bottles in my three spice racks. No more are my spices piled into a basket for me to paw through in a vain hope that I have the spice I need. I'd end up with two or three of a spice because I couldn't find it when it was buried, and then end up burying it even more. I have 50 different spices.

Anyone wanna take bets I use em more often now that I can find them? That seeing them there like that will inspire me to use them?

C'mon, it's a sucker bet!

I actually do feel like I've accomplished something. Other people build a sauna in their basement. Me, I can manage to get my spices organized and labelled. It's pathos. But in my world it's something.

Considering how beat up I feel emotionally today (for not discernable reason), this makes me happy.

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