King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

May/June 2002 IEEE Software

I.E.E.E. Software

Steve McConnell's questions he wants answered about software development.

  • How important is software construction?
  • How do you manage multiple releases? What are the most useful strategies for managing large numbers of concurrent releases based on the same code base? What are the strategies for managing requirements, design, and tests that go along with those releases?
  • Why doesn't everyone use revision control software?
  • How is popular software designed? What would it take to see the guiding principles of the design of Windows 2000, the Sabre reservation system, etc.?
  • How big are popular programs?
  • Why do software professionals still fall for silver bullets?
  • Do compensation structures in software organizations make any sense?
  • How good are most software companies? What are the CMM levels of the thousands of companies that don't report assessment data to the Software Engineering Institute?
  • What are software real best practices?

Articles on Knowledge Management in software engineering. Sadly, none of them really help. One of the current problems in my group is the lack of an effective and unified system for capturing software process knowledge.


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