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June 2002 Communications of the ACM

Warning. In my quest to reduce my pile of paper, I am going through all my magazines with which I haven't yet caught up. This will probably mean a very boring journal for the rest of the evening. I will be posting short notes about interesting items that I want to remember from articles in these magazines. I know, I should just toss all of them. The thinking goes that if I haven't gotten to them yet, they aren't important. Whatever. Nice theory written by a non pack rat. The fact that I'm even making an effort to go through them and toss them at all is good.

Anyway, I'm posting short notes to myself. Some may just be links to something interesting. If it's boring to you, you can fuck right off. My journal. Learn to use the scroll bar or read something else.

June 2002 Communications of the ACM

Federal Citizen Information Center

Christ, and that's it from this issue. Next…

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