King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Replacing the pacemaker

So this afternoon he goes in for surgery to replace his pacemaker. Complications aren't likely. But it is surgery. And surgery on the heart. I expect this will go okay. But the fact that he needs a new one is not a good sign. His heart can't do what it needs to do on it's own at all anymore. For a while the pacemaker basically kicked in when his heart wasn't working right. Now, it kicks in all the time. Enough that if the pacemaker isn't working right, he's not working right.

I don't know if I've written about Gramps and Gram that much. They're my idols. The pinnacle of what I want my relationship to be. Some folks don't have many examples of good marriages in their families. My mom and dad aren't the best example. Not a bad example, mind you. But not the best. But my grandparents are in love still. At least until recently they walked from their place on Shilshole down to Golden Gardens and back every day. He calls he lovergirl. They bicker a bit more, but mostly about stuff like whether he gets bell peppers or not (he wants em, she doesn't like em). He's always willing to lend a hand. He's a jack of all trades. He was a firefighter for years before he retired in the 1980s. She was the one who was always over helping my mom and aunt can foods. She knits and crochets. They love to travel.

For Christmas every year, they give me a Christmas tree ornament. I don't have all of them. Some have disappeared in moves.

One thing I love about them is that as much as they would like me to visit, I still have to schedule an evening with them. They socialize at the Elks lodge, visit friends, travel, etc. enough that they aren't able to accomodate me at a whim. They are active. Basically livng life as much as they possibly can.

Anyway, if anything does happen, I'm going to be a basket case for months. I'm barely able to work right now.


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