King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

I met Gurinder Chadha

Just got back from a screening for Bride & Prejudice at the Hardvard Exit. The movie has got the same cheekiness that her last movie Bend It Like Beckham did. I didn't know it, but Gurinder came to the screening. Or, was supposed to. Her plane was late so they got there about 10 minutes after the credits finished rolling. She was nice. I got to ask a question. In the film, the main character accuses Brits and Americans of wanting to see a cleaned up India. WHen the film starts, you get a quick glimpse of what India is like, but for the rest of the movie the audience sees a very cleaned up India. So I asked her about that. Her response was that unless you make a point of filming the poverty and squalor, the camera tends to make everything look better. So despite her efforts to make the house in India look shabby, it didn't really come through. And some of her other shots were cut for length. So she says at least, and I have no reason to doubt her. That was bout my only disappointment with the film though.

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