King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Hauling mattress

I used my car yesterday to haul stuff. Specifically, Erin needed to get a guton mattress. SOme guy on crag's list had one. So I volunteered to drive her over and bring it back if she bought it. Turned out to be smaller than advertised, but she bought it anyway (she's now selling the old frame, talk to her if you want that).

The futon was too long to fit in my car, but we knew that. Figured we'd stuff it in and tie down the door. Only thing was, there really wasn't anything on the door to which I could attach a rope. Except the rear windshield wiper. Luckily, the post for that was pretty solid. We had to take the futon apart a bit more than we wanted to in order to get it stuff in, due to the thickness of the matress. And then I was careful on the drive back to avoid bumping up and down, as I didn't know how sturdy the windshield wiper post was.

This is why I bought the station wagon. Not that I'm hauling crap for all of ya, but being able to pack more than a small camera into the car was a requirement. I had to have Jason cart my bike up to a cycle shop to get it fixed last year, cause I couldn't get it into my vehicle.


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