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Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination

Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination

I think ever pampered white kid ought to look at this. One of my pet peeves is people who claim reverse discrimination is holding them back from being successful in life. I personally believe reverse descrimination is real. But I also believe it is neither pervasive nor an impediment to success for anyone. It's more on the annoyance level. Thus, my irritation at paying more to play video games than a woman did at Ganeworks pales in commparison to the lesser pay of women in general. I'll do my bit to end that practice, but we don't need a men's rights group devoted to getting prices for men down to prices for women for the handful of things for which men pay more. Same thing with reverse discrimination.

Likewise I think this applies to white people who claim that their advancement is being held back by quotas requiring blacks in the workplace. It exists, but the vast majority of the time whites have subtle institutional advantages they don't even realize they are taking advantage of. So on the occasional instance of getting held back, white people can move on to the next opportunity and take advantage of something that a minority may not be able to.

I like exhibits like the one behind that link. It brings home in a tangible way the discrimination that blacks faced not so long ago. This wasn't in the distance past. Such blatant discrimination happened just before I was born. Compare that against someone occasionally hiring an unqualified minority. And then tell me that we need a civil rights movement on behalf of whites or Europeans. I don't think so.

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