King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Dirty Pretty Things

Just watched Dirty Pretty Things directed by Stephen Frears who directed one of my favorite movies The Grifters. It's about a Turkish woman in England on refugee status. She's not allowed to work. THe other main character is a Nigerian doctor who is illegal. He drives cab and works front desk for a hotel. She is a maid at the hotel. He sleeps on her couch. Everything is fine until he finds a human heart blocking the toilet from flushing. Turns out the hotel is a front for a ring of kidney thieves and the owner then tries to blackmail him into being the doctor in return for money and a passport to make him legal. Oh, and immigration is after both characters. Because of that, she can't work and considers selling one of her kidneys.

Great movie. Oh, and the Turkish woman is Audrey Tatou, a.k.a. Amelie. Kind of a different role.

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