King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

I bought that car

Yes, I bought that car. I haven't had a generally working car since 2001, when the transmission went out on my Acura. I remember when I bought the Acura. Saved up for it and paid cash cause I hate debt. It was a 1991. I bought it used in 1995. It ran great and was the first car I ever owned that wasn't in danger of dying at any random time. It still does pretty well, but after the transmission thing, I realized it was reaching the age where I'd start to have to replace parts and whatnot. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about cars nor am I pro-active about getting the in to get them looked at when a squeak happens. Most of the time, I don't even hear the squeak. COnsequently, I knew I find out about things needing replacing at inopportune times. So I donated it to Janet who really needed a car. I think she's had to fix a few things, but it's generally been a good car for her.

Anyway, I bought the Dodge Magnum. Had been looking for older cars cause I like big cars, and they are relatively cheap. But Jason and I saw a couple of these last Sunday, and decided to test drive one yesterday. It was too nice for me to not buy it. The pictures all make it look like a family car. In person, it doesn't leave quite that impression. Though it's still more useful than a Miata.

The features: SXT model with V6 engine, don't remember the horsepower. It's got really good get up and go though. Four wheel drive. Boston Acoustic stereo with in-dash 6-CD changer that reads MP3/WMA CDs. Sun/moon roof. Cruise control. Leather seats. Heated leather seats. And lots and lots of leg room.

Nice plus now is that I can visit my grandparents on Shilshole more regular like. And get groceries. And the excuse for not going to the gym of it being a pain in the ass by bus won't fly any longer.

So now, who wants to go for a ride?

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