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Here's what I liked best about Spanglish. Essentially, the movie is about people who are trying to do the right thing and mostly succeeding. The characters tell the truth when most movies would have them cover up and use the lie to build ever greater levels of plot device.

I really liked this movie. Morally, it speaks to me. So many movies these days have crap for morals. And I don't mean that there's too much sex in movies. I'm all for seeing hot famous people naked. No, what I mean is that serious cinema these days is often about excusing bad behavior. And some of the less serious cinema espouses some odd do what your superiors tell you types of views (e.g., Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings) or other moral nonsense.

On top of that the acting is superb. The kids are great even.

The movie should win an Oscar® or two.

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