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King Rat

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Most bus riders annoy me

Get your goddamn money ready before you block a line of people waiting in the cold. And for Christ's sake, actually read the pamphlets before you hold the rest of us up in a futile argument to get change for your $5 bill. Now, for the prospective rider, I suggest that you not crowd the doorway blocking those of us on the bus from getting off. It's not that hard people. When you want to catch a bus, it's also helpful to actually be there on time, rather than chase after the bus pounding on the side wanting to be let on. Here's a clue: you are gonna get run over in the freaking street doing that. And lastly, pay attention to what bus you are on. Shocker of shockers, not every bus goes to your destination. So freaking out because you didn't pay attention to the bus number or read the route pamphlet and you are now on Mercer Island instead of downtown Tacome ain't gonna get you to Tacoma on time. Resolve yourself to the fact that you've now missed your appointment due to your own moronity.

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