King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Return of pie night

I have neglected to put this here. So here it goes:

This coming Thursday I will again be hosting a pie shindig. The idea is, I make up a mess of pies, and then people come to my apartment and eat these pies. Last time, a bunch of people polished off almost four pies (apple, peach, blueberry, strawberry). The event has no real start or end time, and is totally casual. Doors open at 6 (which is around the time I get home from work). Bring a friend. Bring an other of the significant or insignificant kind. No RSVP necessary, but I save no pie for you if you do not. If the weather permits, we shall partake of the pie on my building's dock over Lake Union.

If you have a special dietary request, please let me know. At least one of the pies I make will be totally non-dairy. I will also have some ice cream and beverages, but I encourage people to bring their own. I am making a bunch of pie, so I am just not gonna spend much effort on the side things. If you want to bring your own dessert, please let me know (I'll factor that knowledge into how many pies I am making). I've decided on at least a blueberry and a peach pie. Probably two or three others, and someone else has offered to bring a key lime pie!

Address is 2301 Fairview Ave E (Fairview and Lynn streets in Eastlake, across from Pete's Market). Ring WEISS on the call board.

Hope to see a few of you here.


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