King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

New Year's Day

Woke up yesterday morning after not enough sleep because Guinevere wanted food. First activity, breakfast with Jason and Beth. On the way home, Jason informed me that Beth planned on wearing a hot red number out tonight. So out tonight I had to go. After breakfast I got to have coffee with my friends Debbi and Sara and Sara's husband Pat. Sara and Pat adopted Carolyn in August and I got to meet her for the first time. She seemed to like me. And she definitely liked my hair!

Back home where the plan was to make pie. Yeah. That didn't happen. Plan B is to make pie tomorrow morning. Instead of making pie I played Halo 2. I am so industrious.

Light dinner at Bleu Bistro with Erin, Sarah, and Jason (different Jason), followed by the Mercury. Didn't stay there long though. Instead we headed to the Vogue. So I didn't stay and chat with Erin there as I planned. Ah well. Mostly, when I chat with Erin at the Mercury, we make fun of the dancers. That probably means at one point or another we made fun of you. But not tonight.

At the Vogue I sat with Jason and Beth and Dominique and got to see the hot red number. Danced a lot. I'm starting to get my groove back. Dancing and socializing and whatnot. The depression that has weighed over me for over a year (dating back to holiday season 2003) is lifting. I'm having fun again. THough I won't get enough sleep tonight so hopefully that won't turn to cranky for Pie Night™.

Briefly stopped back at the Mercury, but Amanda wasn't out like she said she would. Being tired, I cabbed home rather than wait for Jason. On the way home, I hit a moment though. It occured to me that I haven't seen Jessica for over 5 months now. I wasn't the closest to her, but I enjoyed the talks we had. I miss them and her.

Now, I go to bed. You show up to Pie Night™ tomorrow.


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