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Hello 2005! It's been a great year so far!

I was Melissa and Michelle's date tonight, though Melissa bailed early. They both looked stunning. Melissa had on boots which added 5 inches. A really short skirt. Fishnet. She had to stop dancing cause she was afraid of falling and flashing everyone. Michelle wore a latexy lace up backless dress. Roses and feathers in her hair, pulled up somewhat so she could show off the tattoo on her back.

Activities for the evening were the Mercury first. Melissa decamped shortly thereafter to the catbox for a show. Michelle and I headed up to a party at Shamay's. Saw a few people I knew (Chris, Michael, Darin, Amy, Greg, Monica). Met a few others, Avery the co-host. Some guy named Travis. I got a couple of New Year's kisses. Michael's a great kisser. Though he could have warned me before planting on on me. Actually, come to think of it, I should just know. It's Michael. So's Michelle. She's better looking too.

A girl there was drawing on people, and Chris and Michelle talked me into it. She was drawing dragons. But, well, no dragons for me. Someone pulled up a rat from the Internet so she'd have a model. So shirtless I went, and I'm now decorated with a King Rat on my back. Oddly enough, I didn't feel uncomfortable taking my shirt off in a largish group. I've been saying for a while I am pretty comfortable with my body. In spite of the kilt-wearing and invitations to groping, I try to be modest and not be flashing or whatnot. I like the touching, but not really the attention whoring. Do not like to be the center of attention for a group. Anyway, I have now proved to myself that I am pretty comfortable with my body. Even if I'm a bit on the pudgy, not in shape side. Not overweight though. For a long time I was embarrassed by my nipples. Thought they were too puffy. Like anyone would care or really even notice. But you get these ideas in your head and they mesh with your insecurities and they stay there. Hmm, I seem to have digressed from the point, which is that I now have a King Rat on my back. Got a few pictures taken there at the party. In case I don't get copies, I had Michelle take a couple after returning home. At some point, I'll post the best one.

After the snapshots of the drawing, Michelle has headed home, and I will shortly crash. For the first time in a while, I feel like I will get good, uninterrupted sleep. I shouldn't say first time, cause I've gotten some good sleep a couple of times. But it doesn't really feel like it.


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