King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Computer running

I have my desktop computer working for the first time since February (or so) of this year. Had a repair place fix the hard drive this summer, but I hadn't plugged the thing in and got everything set up again. Why? Laziness mostly. Today I stopped by CompUSA and purchased another UPS. The old UPS going bad (and my ignoring the warning beeps from it) was the proximate cause for the computer's demise. Now I have a replacement, and booted the thing up.

I need to get myself some cables. I purchased myself a switchbox so I could run both the desktop and the laptop on the same monitor, mouse, and keyboard. But I don't have enough cables to do this. And I need to get some more ethernet wire so I don't need to use the wireless.

And I need to figure out what software needs to go on the desktop. Repair place preserved my documents and settings folder, but not the program files folder. Of course, after this long it doesn't really matter what software I used to have on it. I've been using the laptop so long that any programs on the old one I probably don't need anyway. Everything was legal, so I had either the download or a CD for it. It's just gonna be a pain in the ass.

And it's loud. I need to set up the power management on the thing to shut it down after a while so the fan doesn't keep me up at night.

Now, off to go watch a movie.


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